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2015 Schedule

Below you'll find the ficathon schedule for 2015.

All dates are subject to change and any changes will be noted as posts from your mods in [community profile] ineedmyfics. Please be sure to watch the community for updates.

This community is mirrored at [ profile] ineedmyfics on LiveJournal.

  1. June 20 - Fandom nominations open
  2. June 28 - Fandom nominations close; signups open
  3. July 12 - Signups close
  4. July 15 - Assignments go out
  5. September 13 (9pm EDT) - Stories are due
  6. September 13-14 - Call for last-minute pinch hits goes out
  7. September 20 (9pm EDT) - Last-minute pinch hits due
  8. September 21 (9pm EDT) - Stories made public with authors revealed

Fandom nominations and signups will take place on Archive of Our Own (AO3). Watch this community for details. We'll post them as they become available.