Jul. 11th, 2015

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Signups for the 2015 edition of I Need My Fics close at 9pm EDT tomorrow, July 12.

Please check the signup summary to see what's been requested and offered. Once signups close, you'll no longer be able to edit your requests or offers. If you have placeholders in your requests, please be sure to fill them out before signups close. Additionally, if you link to a "Dear Author" letter, please be sure it’s not locked.

Quite a few fandoms have one request and one offer. If you notice that you're the only one making offers that match your requests, you should edit your sign-up if you want to ensure a match.

If your offers or requests don't have any matching offers or requests, we may not be able to match you to an author or recipient. If there are other requested or offered fandoms that interest you, make sure to reflect those in your offers and requests before signups close.

Because AO3's Sign-up Summary doesn't include fandoms that have been offered but not yet requested, you may not know that some of the fandoms in the tag set have people willing to write for them. Below the cut, you'll find a list of all offered fandoms with zero requests as of this evening at 9pm EDT.

All Unrequested Offers )

If you have any questions, let us know.


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